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rockwave group

Rockwave Group is a botique company with activities within management consulting, learning & development, digital collaboration, marketing, pricing and business development.

We are based in sunny California but have clients in North America, Europe and Africa.

  • Our vision is to become the preferred partner of all our clients. 
  • Our mission is to provide products and professional services that help our customers do things better and more professional. 
  • Our values are based on the golden rule of doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you. We value best-practices above anything else and are dedicated to collecting and spreading best-practices  for the benefit of our clients and partners. 
  • Our strategy is to provide premium professional products and services at a very competitive price vs. our larger competitors. Our people are all senior and has all worked for leading edge companies across the world. They are specialists within in their specific fields and have many years of practical experience running or helping companies improve their performance.

The facts

Rockwave Group

31711 Mar Vista Avenue

Laguna Beachm CA 92651

Phone +1 949 375 1331

Products and Services

  • Management Consulting
  • Learning & Development
  • Digital Collaboration
  • Pricing

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